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The First British
All-electric Hypercar

3,704 lbs

Curb Wt.

8.6 Sec

0-186 MPH

1,972 HP

Max. Power

1,253 lb-ft

Max. Torque


Pure Beauty. Elegant Simplicity.

The most striking element of the Lotus Evija is its exterior. From every angle the full carbon fibre bodywork is stretched taut, appearing shrink-wrapped over the mechanical components. Crouching low to the ground, with a ride height of just 105 mm, the pronounced muscular haunches envelop the teardrop cabin that sinks between them.

The First Brittish All-Electric Hypercar

The thrilling next chapter of one of the greatest automotive stories ever told. The Lotus Evija continues a rich, 70-year tradition of iconic, game-changing road and racing cars. A bloodline steeped in daring innovation and radical thinking takes another revolutionary leap forward.



The interior of the Lotus Evija is as dramatic as the exterior. Inspired by the technical precision of race car engineering, the dominant characteristic of the cabin is the ‘floating wing’ dashboard which can be glimpsed from outside through the windscreen. The design also echoes the porosity of the exterior. “The shape is inspired by the company’s prototype racing cars of the late Fifties and early Sixties,” explained Russell Carr, Design Director, Lotus Cars. “It has a beauty and an elegance to it, and represents a typically Lotus approach because it performs multiple functions. It houses the instrument panel and air ducts, and is also an integral structural support. It reinforces Colin Chapman’s cast-iron rule that no Lotus component goes along for a free ride.” An exceptional attention to detail – as people would expect from Lotus – is at the heart of the interior. For example, visible carbon fibre surfaces enhance the sense of light weight, while a thin metal band – engraved with the words ‘For The Drivers’ – runs centrally through the squab of both seats.

Attention To Detail Shown In Every Single Aspect

Inside, the cabin strikes the perfect balance between the precise functionality of a track car and the comfort of a road car. The driving position is fully adjustable to accommodate the greatest range of occupants. The elegant carbon fibre shell seats are hand-trimmed with thick Alcantara-finished pads, and feature manual fore / aft adjustment plus electric back operation. The steering column is manually adjustable for both rake and reach. Three-point seatbelts are fitted as standard, with four-point harnesses an option. Built into the bodyshell, close to the occupants’ hip point, are two bespoke storage areas.

Car front side Car back side

2021 Lotus Evija Target Specs

Engine and Transmission
Electric motor
4 electric motors placed at each wheel
70 kWh lithium-ion battery
Electric range
400 km (250 mi)
1,972 hp
1,253 lb-ft
4 Single Speed Planetary
Exterior Dimensions
175.5 in
44.2 in
Max Width
78.7 in
Interior Space
Seating Capacity
2 seater
Weight and Towing
Curb Weight
3,704 lbs

Color options

Carbon black car

Carbon black